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Spy-Casino payment systems
WebMoney payment method in online casinos

This is an online instant payment service. After registering and receiving a number in the service (wmid), the user can create an unlimited number of wallets for 9 different currencies. Translation between users' wallets takes place instantly, which is certainly convenient for online gamblers.

The system has proved itself well in the world market but has not received such wide distribution as in Russia. Thereby, it should still be considered the local system. Anyway, the system is reliable and supports work with online casinos. Thanks to this, users can instantly replenish the game account and immediately play in casino games.

Many casinos accept payments from WMR, WMZ and WME purses. A good feature is that the transaction via service is counted instantly. The transaction takes place through a secure connection, which guarantees the security from the attack of intruders. The transfer of money itself takes place in a matter of seconds.

Security of the service

The security of operations is guaranteed by official and verified companies, different in each country. Since the company asks passport information for the second level profile account, the system offers the high level of security. Surely, this will be not attractive for some users, but less confidentiality and a longer registration process, in the end, gives a bigger security level and effectiveness.

Disadvantages of the service

A sophisticated step-by-step mechanism of attestation is not attractive for newcomers. At first, it is difficult to understand all the features. However, there are a lot of training videos and even your own WebMoney Wikipedia. The disadvantages of the company:

  • At first, you need to wait until the personal data is verified;
  • The service requests a certain percentage - the commission of the service itself is 0.8% or minimum 0.01 WM;
  • It has single, daily and monthly limits on withdrawal of funds from the system.
Pros of the company:
  • High degree of reliability - this system has proved to be the best in terms of protecting personal data;
  • Excellent service - your problems will not be ignored by 24/7 support;
  • Many casinos prefer this type of payment, and therefore offer players deposit bonuses for its use (as well as free spins);
  • Deposit in the casino is replenished instantly, and the withdrawal to your account is also fast;
  • When calculating between purses with the same currency, the commission is not levied;
  • Users can start without the bank;
  • Every wallet owner can conduct financial transactions when he needs it because the system works 24/7/365;
  • The site provides not only technical but also legal, information and advertising support to users.
How it works

To access the service, users get the WMID code. This number user can bind to electronic purses converted to any currency. With the help of this tool, you can pay online, get money transfer from another user and conduct other operations (including depositing the online casinos).


Users of the casino, having the purse in the system, receive the opportunity to instantly deposit the account. At the same time, the service offers to withdraw money from the casino account. In an online casino that cooperates with the system, all transactions occur instantly. Participants in the gambling market appreciate the unique qualities of the operation of this online casino payment system.

However, WebMoney has several shortcomings. All users have to send scans of their passports to the support of the service if they want to get the account of the second level. The first level account doesn’t work on the majority of operations, including withdrawal of funds. Such damage to privacy and confidentiality will be not attractive for many users. However, this helps to provide the highest security.

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