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Spy-Casino payment systems

Learn more about AstroPay

The payment system AstroPay is a method of performing financial transactions. One of the fields that the system covers is online gambling. People use the system to replenish deposits in online casinos. Like many other systems that offer to deposit for online casinos, the system is local and works in Brazil mainly.

Prepaid card

Payment is made through the special virtual prepaid card, which is sold at a par value of 25, 50, 75, 100 or 200 US dollars. The payment transfers money directly to the required bank account, while the money is written off from the customer's account. Transactions, as a rule, last for 60 minutes, which is not the fastest characteristics but works for some online gamblers.

If you pay by direct transfer to the bank, the term of transfer of money can reach three days, which is really unacceptable for gamblers. However, the system does not take commissions, which is a real advantage for many customers.

The system is used also to withdraw money (that you get from free spins, deposit bonuses, and etcetera) from the user’s account. Withdrawal time, in this case, can take from two to four working days. The minimum withdrawal amount is 20 euros.

Available currencies

Available currencies to deposit are dollar and euro. The term of enrollment or other transactions lasts for up to one hour. Since the system does not take commission, if you make the bank transfer, it will be about three days.

Quite a lot of online casinos accept payments with AstroPay. Many players prefer this system, because it allows not only deposit money, but also withdraw them. To learn more about the system, the user can visit the official website of the system. It supports nine languages except for English.

With the help of the system, users can also pay for goods and services by buying them on the Internet, as well as making money transfers to any country in the world.

The anonymity of the card

AstroPay is an anonymous virtual card. The system doesn’t try to indicate the personal data of the user when making payments on the Internet. The only thing you should do is to register and receive a special card and you can use it. There is another option - AstroPay Direct. It is a package of other opportunities for the system with the use of local credit cards, making payments through the Internet bank and more than a hundred different payment options. At the same time, it is quite available in different countries.

Mostly, the system is available in South America and China. In European countries, it is almost not used, but for those who travel a lot in these countries and gamble in an online casino, it can be useful. When buying a virtual card, the commission is not withdrawn from the buyer, the commission is usually paid by the sellers themselves.

AstroPay Casino list

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