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Spy-Casino payment systems

GiroPay in online casinos

Payment services that offer users to make payments and withdraw money when using online casinos are often local services. GiroPay is an example of the effective local service. The fast and reliable German payment system designed to make payments for goods and services online.

This is the most reliable and safe way among all local payment methods in Germany to quickly deposit in the online casino. Using the platform, casino customers in Germany can make instant deposits directly from their bank account. To make a payment using the system, you need to be registered in the electronic payment system Moneybookers. Some German casinos offer free spins and deposit bonuses for using the system.

What does the system offer?

The system started its work in 2006. The owner of the system is the GmbH company (Germany, Frankfurt), is a joint project of Postbank and Volksbanken RaitFeisenbanken. The platform provides users with a mechanism for conducting banking operations at home. The GiroPay system is especially popular among residents of Germany, Austria, and the Netherlands.

The platform is not a full-fledged payment system. It is rather a settlement gateway between the online store and the client's account. In order to use the system, you must have a bank account or card in a banking institution that is a partner of GiroPay.

The mechanism of work consists of such elements:

  • The customer chooses the product or service on online platforms;
  • He chooses the system from the list of available payment methods;
  • He selects the bank in which he is serviced;
  • It is necessary to confirm the transfer of funds by a special key;
  • The seller receives a notification from the system about the transfer of money and provide the service/goods.
Advantages of the platform

The system does not use any special software. It is used only to pay for goods and services, and there is no transfer option between users in it. The main advantages of the electronic system are:

  • Speed and reliability of the payment method;
  • Payment guarantee from the side of the bank (up to 5 thousand euros);
  • Risks of non-payments are excluded;
  • There is no fee in the case of a refund;
  • Identification of data in real time;
  • Data transfer using SSL-protocols (they prevent hacking of the user’s information).
Disadvantages of the system

This service is local, so it is not very useful for users outside the region. For example, users from the CIS use the GiroPay system very rarely, since it works with European banks and German online casinos mostly. Moreover, the interface of the website is only in German.

How to deposit money

The starting amount of the deposit made with the help of GiroPay and the payment system Moneybookers in the casino is individual for each site. To deposit your account using the payment system, you need to do these steps:

  • Enter the casino site;
  • Enter login and password;
  • In the section "Cashier" select the payment system Moneybookers;
  • Enter the amount of the deposit;
  • Click on the button "Deposit account", after which the specified amount of money will be transferred to your personal account in the shortest possible time.

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