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Spy-Casino payment systems
Depositing with the Wire Transfer

For players who have their own personal bank account can order a withdrawal of their winnings by bank transfer from their online casino. But this is not the most convenient way, because you can order a withdrawal to the bank’s account only from a certain minimum amount, which is determined by the online casino. Usually, the cost of this service will be quite high, moreover, the withdrawal time will not be fast. While the other ways offer an instant withdrawal, this way get some of the drawbacks for many users. However, these ways of withdrawing are still used by many users.

Depositing in casinos is much simpler. To use a bank transfer it is not necessary to have a personal account in it. You can make a deposit to a casino account by coming to any branch of a local bank.

How it works

Bank transfer is one of the types of money transfer, which is working in the form of non-cash payment. Usually, bank transfers are used by customers for whom the transfer speed is not a priority. The cost of bank money transfer is much lower than in more high-speed payment systems, for example, in Western Union. At the same time, it is higher than in many other payment systems that make money transfer at times cheaper.

To make a bank transfer without an account in a bank, you need to come to one of the bank branches, having a passport. In addition, you must know the details of the company (casino) to which the transfer is addressed and details of the bank in which the account is opened. Such a method is inconvenient for people who are getting used to making all the transactions online. Some countries set several restrictions on transfers. For example, Russian citizens can send not more than $ 5,000 per day.

Wire Transfers are not very popular among online casino players. The limitation on the amount, the relatively high cost make customers think about the other payment systems. But there are times when it is difficult to think of something more reliable than a bank transfer, for example, if the withdrawal amount is rather large.

The types of service

These transactions are divided into two types:

  • Transfers with the payment notification - all necessary details must be indicated in the transfer form. As confirmation, the sender usually receives a copy of the transfer form, on which the bank employee is stamped with the date of the request for payment
  • Electronic transfers that can be done simply by visiting the bank's website. Most banks' clients have direct access to their accounts and they can place a payment order for transfer, which is confirmed by an electronic signature.
How to deposit the online casino?

The Wire Transfer system is fully integrated into the software of almost any online casino. The instructions on the website contain all bank account details required for transferring funds. The website sends a unique one-time registration number. If the registration number is not specified, the payment may be delayed or even lost. For each transfer of funds, users must visit the paying page and get a new unique one-time registration number. Repeated use of the number may result in a delay or loss of payment.

Casinos do not accept deposits or bank transfers made by third parties. When you return such payments, all bank and administrative fees are paid by you. Thereby, users can pay only with their own accounts. Usually, the transfer is 2-3 days long. In addition, the bank takes a fee for outgoing payments, usually, it is 1% (minimum of 15 $ -50 $). As you can see, making a deposit with a bank transfer is very inconvenient and costly, it is much more convenient to use a plastic card.

How to withdraw funds to a bank account?

Online gamblers can use the account to withdraw funds for any amount in excess of the minimum amount for withdrawal. Online casinos often have withdrawal limits of 100 $ - 500 $. In this case, the money will also arrive in 2-3 days, while some sites charge an additional fee for the transfer (about $ 15 - $ 50). To withdraw funds from an online casino, users have to fill out a form on the site or send a letter with the details to the support service.

As you can see, Wire Transfer is useful only in case of large transfers. Otherwise, the commission will be too large and the transfer will not be effective. For example, there is no sense to withdrawal money from free spins and deposit bonuses this way. However, when there are no other useful services available, this system is always on the website of any casino.

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