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Spy-Casino payment systems
Nordea for online casino

In fact, this is more than an online payment system - this but a bank with a rich history and a good reputation. It offers a full range of services typical for banking systems, but it has its own characteristics, in particular, increased attention to security. It does not support many online casinos. However, those who support it, offer many attractive features, such as free spins and deposit bonuses. This bank is very popular in such countries as Sweden, Finland, Denmark, Norway, and used by millions of clients here.

It would be wrong to consider this company as an analog of a usual payment system. There is an opportunity to make payments online, and do shopping online, deposit a casino account, but it gives much more, for example, issues of leasing, insurance, investment, retirement savings, and etcetera. So this is a full-fledged bank which is just focused more on the Scandinavian countries. Thereby, it is very effective for local users, but sometimes not the best decision for users from other geographical areas.

The high-security standards

The system provides high standards of security. In addition to the standard login and password, the user needs a one-time password, generated each time to log into the account. Nordea has an unusual offer - customers can get a card with a set of 80 one-time codes on the back. When a customer uses 60 of them, the bank prepares a new card with codes for it. It is also possible to issue a plastic MasterCard card. This is useful because it can deposit accounts in a casino from anywhere in the world.


There is a good mobile application for the service. The functionality here is the same as when working through a PC and commissions are minimal. For example, when depositing an account at a casino, the bank does not charge commission from customers at all. Payments are made instantly. Among the shortcomings of the system, users note a very weak support from the online casino in foreign areas. The bank is not limited to one country, but in general, the main target audience is in the Scandinavian countries. In other countries, working with the service is problematic. Sometimes it is impossible to withdraw money through the bank, so the user needs to spend money on the additional fees.

How to deposit

The replenishment process is standard for all banks. The user needs to choose the service’s replenishment method on the casino site, enter the deposit amount in the opened window and follow the recommendations. If the client uses a MasterCard from this bank, then there are no restrictions, you can work with a much larger number of casinos. It is also convenient to withdraw money to plastic cards. However, the service cooperates with less than twenty casinos. So before replenishment, it is needed to clarify the support of this method of payment in the casino.

Conclusion about the service

This is a great and reliable service for users from the Scandinavian geographical area. It is popular and the army of customers allows the stable development of the service. However, it is not very useful for replenishing an account in a casino. The reason for this is that is almost no support from the online casinos (less than twenty). In addition, it is totally not useful for clients from other countries. One other attractive feature is that with opening an account with Nordea, users are actually registering in Skrill with the right to use the wide range of financial services. Moreover, some of the casinos offer free spins and deposit bonuses to local clients.

Nordea Casino list

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