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Spy-Casino payment systems
Multibanco for depositing online casinos

This is one of the oldest local payment systems that has been operating in the market of Portugal since 1985. It is popular due to the maximum possible security for online purchases on the network, it is also suitable for depositing accounts in online casinos. Like many other local companies, it cooperates with local casinos, which offer free spins, deposit bonuses, and other feature. The base of this system is big in Portugal and it is steadily increasing. If talking about online casinos, it supports more than thirty companies.

There are more than 1 billion transactions processed per year by the system. The system is oriented rather to the Portuguese market. The site is available only in Portuguese. At the start, the network consisted of only 12 ATMs installed in major cities, but now the network has thousands of ATMs in all cities in Portugal. The number of partner banks has reaches 30 (not only local Portuguese banks but also giants like Barclays).

More than 60 different services are available, from withdrawals to movie or theater tickets. To register in the system, the user needs to be a client of the partner bank and make an account in the system. To do this, you will definitely need to visit the ATM of the system and insert your card into it. You are given an MB Net ID, this unique number is assigned to each client and used to identify him. In order to enter the system, you will also need a secret security code, which you will receive.

Users can work with the system in 2 ways: directly through the site or through application for mobile devices. Users can, for example, use the option for a single purchase or release a time-limited virtual card and pay it on the network for purchases of different types.

Advantages and disadvantages of the Multibanco system

The service has many advantages and few shortcomings. The high security of the service is the biggest its advantage. When paying with a virtual card, you do not need to leave data on a real card. Thereby, there is no risk that hackers will recognize its CVV code and expiration date. You set the limit for spending on a virtual card. In Portugal there are a lot of ATMs, the network is well developed, so problems with payment or withdrawal of cash should not arise. In the number of partner banks, almost all developed banks are in Portugal thereby you can create virtual cards of different payment systems. Users can create a card for a particular casino, for example, Visa, AmericanExpress, MasterCard.

One of the shortcomings of the system is that it is difficult to register in it. You cannot do this online, thereby, you will have to visit Portugal. In addition, you need to have an account in a partner bank. So the geography of the system is limited mainly to Portugal itself.

How to deposit an account in a casino?

This is not an independent payment system, because there is no internal purse from which you could transfer money to your casino account. Therefore, the account in Multibanco is deposited in the following order:

  • A virtual card is issued in the system (a one-time prepaid or usual virtual card)
  • In the casino, you can pay the same way as with a normal bank card. That is, indicating its number, validity, CVV code.

Everything is just like with a regular card, the difference is that you use a virtual card data that does not store all of your money. The system can be used for depositing a casino account, but only if you are a resident of Portugal. Because of the not so simple registration, it will be difficult for the rest of the people to create an account in the system. So if you do not visit Portugal, it is better to choose another, more universal way of depositing.

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