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Evolution Craps Live Review

Craps is considered to be the first-ever version of this legendary live dealer game. And who has brought Craps Live to the gambling world? Of course, the leading live casino software provider Evolution. Craps is one of the most popular table variations in the real casinos. So it was just a matter of time when this dice game is going to become available online. Now it is, and we, therefore, present you with a comprehensive review of Evolution's Craps Live.

What is Evolution's Craps Live?

For a beginning player, Craps may seem complicated. Evolution makes sure its version with live dealers is maximally accessible by providing an easy-to-play interface with many useful features. In this way, Evolution adjusts the game to suit both the newbies and experienced gamblers. Craps developed by Evolution is available in two gaming modes: Live and First Person.

Evolution Craps Live is broadcasted from a lavishly decorated authentic studio featuring the real craps table. Mechanic hand rolls the dice, not a croupier. The reason why robotic hand rolls the dice is simple: the company assessed that they can avoid any suspicion the game could be rigged in such a way.

Craps Live by Evolution is a fast game with many different betting and winning options. The game itself is actually quite simple: participants try to predict the outcome of the two dice roll. But new players may find it difficult to make several bets. Evolution provides its users with easy to understand game with many features built in to help players.

There are two bet types at Live Craps: one-roll bets and multi-roll bets. The first typr of bets is made for the one roll of the dice, and there are plenty of easy bets giving a lot of fun. Players can make these bets anytime. The odds to win are pretty high, even if you are not experienced player. Multi-roll bets require dice to be thrown multiple times before someone wins. On the website Howtocasino.com there is more information regarding all Evolution live games.

The game has multiple exciting features, such as My Number. This added feature heats up the game and makes it easier to play. Each number is a possible total coming from the throw of the dice. My Number dispays the numbers alongside the potential payouts. This helps you decide on which number to bet and how much you can win if you continue to play.

For those who have never played Craps or don't fully grasp it yet, Evolution provides the Easy Mode user-friendly interface. It features not so extensive bet grid, and the simplest bets. These gives the novices enough time to understand what each bet means. This game version includes all one-roll bets, "Place to Win," and "Place to Lose" multi-roll bets, as well as My Number.

How to play Evolution's Craps Live?

The experienced players can play the regular game with all bets available to enjoy the Craps Live to the fullest. These include different hard bets, Come-Out roll, Point roll, Pass Line, and Don't Pass.

Evolution also enables an end-to-end tutorial within the game to help you understand each bet and actions to do to win or lose.

The Dynamic Statistics boards in the room are continually updating results and numbers as players make their bets. Two more screens spice up the game as you can see how other players bet in real-time. These are Top Numbers and Popular Bets. The first one displays the top 5 dice results where most players placed their bets, while the Popular Bets screen shows the top 5 most popular bet spots.

Besides this thrilling live dealer dice game, Evolution also offers First Person Craps, an entertaining RNG version of Craps Live. First Person Craps also features My Number and interactive tutorial as its live counterpart. And, as all Evolution First Person games, this one also has a unique "Go Live" button that directly takes players into Craps Live action.