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Gaming platform and software features in online casino

The software platform that gaming establishments use to conduct online entertainment is the basis for the functioning of this business. For online operators to use this or that product, they need to conclude a license agreement with the developers of online games. Thus, free casino online must meet the high requirements that game developers put forward for its customers. Besides, using products from the most famous software developers such as Yoloplay is far from the cheapest pleasure.

The developers of gaming platforms also provide the opportunity for online casinos to create and implement an individual system for processing payments, transferring funds from a client's account, and integrating various bonus programs. In turn, gaming establishments most often put forward requirements for game developers so that their products can be used on the most popular mobile platforms. The thing is that more and more often players use a mobile phone to play in an online casino.

In addition to this, the online casino should also take care in advance that when switching from one platform to another, the client does not have any problems with his/her account. That is if today a player chose to play on a mobile phone and tomorrow one had the opportunity to try luck using a personal computer, such a transition was carried out as imperceptibly and comfortably as possible for the client. That is why only the most reliable and top casinos can offer customers a similar level of service.

Game products that do not require pre-loading

The very first online casinos offered their customers exclusively those games that needed to be downloaded to a personal computer. This had to be done in the first place so that all the necessary information was stored on the client's device. Even though these information files did not take up much space, it was not always convenient.

With the development of the gaming industry, modern customers have increasingly begun to use mobile phones and tablets to play in online casinos. With the beginning of the era of games on mobile phones, developers of gaming platforms and online operators had to think about how to create games that do not require pre-loading. In this case, the solution was to use Flash technology so that the quality of the graphics and the level of sound were no different from games that required loading.

Nevertheless, today, the myth is widespread that games that require downloading are significantly superior to games that can be played without downloading them to devices. However, these are just rumors.

Free casino online benefits by Yoloplay

Yoloplay is a young development team that strives to use the most modern gaming concepts combining them with the latest technological advances in the online game development industry. Thanks to this, among the company's customers, are not only online operators but also traditional gaming establishments.

  • Options offered by Yoloplay today:
  • Omni-channel and Cross-Platform
  • Responsive Design
  • Games available in HD up to Ultra HD+ (5K)
  • Gesture
  • Internationalization

Every year, the company releases a considerable number of original and excellent gaming products that meet all the requirements of the most famous gaming operators around the world.

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