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Spy-Casino payment systems
Ukash online casino payment system

The system offers a great confidentiality level to its customers since it does not require the client to show personal information. All calculations in it are carried out with the help of vouchers, so any person can use it. The voucher contains a code of nineteen characters. Such a system has its own disadvantages, but it for sure provides the high level of confidentiality.

The system is useful for local clients in Russia. Vouchers are available in local rooms of QIWI (OSMP), X-Plat, Sberbank and using the money transfer systems CONTACT and Unistream. The service is also available in Ukraine, where users can purchase vouchers at several ATMs and terminals. Also, vouchers can be purchased via different online systems, such as LiqPay, WebMoney, Yandex.Money and etcetera.

How it works

Ukash differs from other existing electronic payment systems. The main different is that it does not provide a special wallet or account in which electronic money will be kept. Its vouchers can be attributed to the usual banknotes that are used to purchase the selected item. Lost codes cannot be recovered, which means that the client should be very careful about each voucher.

Each voucher must be used within one year from the date of issue. At the end of this period, it is canceled and considered invalid. It is also impossible to reuse the voucher. If its code was once specified, then this procedure cannot be repeated. When a customer purchases a value that is lower than the amount indicated in the voucher, he receives a change in the new voucher. Each ticket has its own code, which is entered by the user in a special box when he makes. There are certain restrictions - the maximum amount is 750 euros for a voucher. It is also allowed to sell only five vouchers at one time. If the user wants to purchase vouchers for a large amount, he is obliged to show a passport.

For carrying out financial procedures, users have 21 currencies.


The British company Smart Voucher Ltd. owns the service, which is great for its security and reputation. The official site contains instructions with detailed recommendations on how users should act in order to minimize potential financial frauds. Following them, the Ukash service will be simple, effective and secure for each client. The company strongly recommends not to disclose voucher codes that are available. If fraudsters use this information for their own purposes, then it will no longer be possible to cancel the transaction. You need to make purchases in those outlets and services that are approved by Ukash only.

Paying in online casinos

This service is especially popular in Western gambling clubs. On some web resources you can find an icon with the logo of the system, but you should not rush to use it offers. Sometimes the casino has no relationship with the system and cooperation can be dangerous. Thereby, use only those casinos with this service, that are officially approved by the company.

By registering in the system, users get the option to personally manage vouchers. This will help to divide the amount of one voucher into several and pay for services on different sites. The user will be also able to combine several coupons to make an expensive purchase or convert the voucher currency. The registration procedure is simple and requires such data as name, date of birth and the email address.


As shown, the Ukash system is a convenient payment method for many online gamblers. There are no age restrictions, there is no need to open a special account in a bank or a credit card, which gives more freedom to clients. Moreover, personal customer data does not appear anywhere. However, in some cases, there may be problems in making payments and in purchasing the large amounts of vouchers. The service has several disadvantages, and the local area of selling vouchers is one in them. However, it offers a lot of advantages to local users, sometimes even free spins and deposit bonuses.

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