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Spy-Casino payment systems
Santander method for payments in online casinos

This service is based on the largest bank in the Eurozone by market value. Thereby, it is not correct to name it local, even if it is historically placed in Spain. This Spanish Bank Group has over the hundred million customers. Branches of the bank are placed all over the world. Thereby, it is a company with plenty of resources, powerful options and a solid reputation.

The history

The modern banking group is the result of numerous mergers and acquisitions. The most significant among them was in 1999 when Banco Santander and Banco Central Hispano Russian were merged. They were the first and third largest banks in Spain, respectively at that moment. Anyway, the service started its history long before the last days. The parental bank was founded by royal decree of Isabella II in 1857 in Santander to finance trade between Spain and Latin America. By the beginning of the First World War, the bank took one of the leading places in Spain. Since 1909, representatives of the Botini family appeared in the management of the bank. By the 1990s it became the country's largest financial institution.

Since then it had bought many other banks. The group spent $ 70 billion on acquisitions between 1985 and 2010. Mainly this was spending on branches and banks in the UK, Germany, Poland, and other European countries. This allowed the system to become the largest financial bank company in EU and also stop being local. On the basis of the usual bank, there was created a system that allows payments online on a voucher basis.

Using the service

Processing payments with Barcode Santander are really simple. Using the service goes in two main stages, which are usual for the voucher systems. The first client provides his information as a client, then he gets a special code. This code is then used to get the voucher. The customer shows the amount of the transaction and prints the voucher. This voucher should be deposited with the cash in some of the special stores that cooperate with the system.


Using is quite complicated. However, it gives more effective confidentiality than usual payment systems. Indeed, the user doesn’t need to share any of his personal information with any third party. The system works the way that no details are given during the transaction. The voucher is checked with the help of a barcode system, so no one is allowed to get the personal data of the customer. If paying with the voucher online, the customer also doesn’t provide his personal information. The system can be used for depositing in the online casinos if this is allowed by a specific casino. Some of them offer free spins and deposit bonuses for using the system.


There are two main cons of the system. First, the voucher system is more complicated than the usual online payment scheme. It requires to do the additional actions to deposit money with cash. The other shortcoming is that the system doesn’t work with withdrawing. Thereby, to withdraw money from the online casino, the user needs to find some other service.


The Santander service is a system that provides high confidentiality and reliability of transactions. It can be used for depositing money to online casinos. However, this method is more complicated when using the usual online payment systems.

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