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Spy-Casino payment systems

Learn more about PaySafe Card in online casinos.

Unlike credit cards, this is a prepaid card with which you can make purchases on the Internet. Today this type of electronic payments is very popular in many European countries and not only, for example in Germany, France, Poland, Austria, the USA, Turkey and other countries. In fact, this is a voucher with a pin code and a certain amount of money on it. Nominal cards are the following - 10, 25, 50 and 100 euros. In total in the world, there are more than 450 places where you can buy these cards.

There are two main ways of how you can work with the system:

  • Without a physical card;
  • With a physical card.

With the first option, the user pays a certain amount of money to get the prepaid card. After that, he can use it to make purchases online, or make deposits in online casinos. Users get the 16-digit PIN to provide the high security. A card is a useful option, unfortunately, it is not useful for some countries, since cards are in sell not all over the world.

The second option is an online registration in the system. There is an online system called myPaySafe Card. This is an account on the Internet, through which the user has the ability to manage his PIN codes. This option is alternative to those option with the physical card. This is a good option for those people who cannot or don’t want to buy a physical card. This option is the most preferable for citizens residing on the territory of the CIS countries, as it is easier to use it with the system of cashless calculation WebMoney (it is popular in that region).

What are the advantages of the system?

The biggest advantage of PaySafe Card payment is anonymity and security. The fact is that no personal data is required to make a payment or purchase. This is a great advantage for many online users, who don’t want to share their personal information. For example, when using Visa credit cards, you need to share your secret code and cardholder name. Main advantages of using this card are the high anonymity and reliability.

However, the downside of the system is that the maximum card value is only 100 euros. This means that is if you need to make an expensive purchase or you want to deposit your account in a casino for a large amount, then you will have to use several cards.

You cannot withdraw with this card

Since this is a prepaid card, you cannot withdraw funds from online casinos. People use this card only to put a deposit on the account. To do this, you need to select the appropriate method of payment, specify the desired amount and enter the pin-code of the card. In most cases, the transfer of money occurs fairly quickly, which is a great advantage comparing to Visa, for example.

Anyway, while the system doesn’t offer the option to withdraw money from the card, users should think about at least two payment methods when using PaySafe Card in online gambling. The card will effectively help to deposit money, while the other payment method required to withdraw money, deposit bonuses, and money from free spins.

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