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Spy-Casino payment systems
LiqPay payment system in the online casino

The system is an electronic wallet, which makes possible to accept payments and transfer money online, or using the telephone, or voucher cards all over the world. The mobile phone number (in international format) of the user becomes the LiqPay account number. The system is very popular because the registration is really simple. To transfer money within the system, the only thing is needed is to find the mobile phone number of the addressee. After that, if the addressee is not registered in the system, he will receive an SMS message with information that the payment has been received. To get the money, he will need to register then.


The advantages of the system are obvious, especially if you compare it with competing systems. For local users, when using it, there will be no problems with the withdrawal of money through special ATMs. However, the users in many other countries can just transfer money to some other system to withdraw money. The indisputable advantage is the ability to transfer the necessary amounts using one mobile phone only. Users from Ukraine, who prefer to deposit and withdraw money using the system, get many advantages in local online casinos, such as free spins and deposit bonuses. In addition, a huge advantage of the system is its wide geography. Payments are accepted in more than 200 countries in the world online.

The safety features

The safety of the service is working with the help one-time password technology - OTP. The password is received by SMS and is valid only for the current session. The reliability of the system has been certified and confirmed by Visa and MasterCard SecureCode. Therefore, the use of the system is very convenient and safe. Users can manage payment confirmation settings, create individual limits or rules within the system through the cloud Anti-Fraud system.

An important feature is reporting that works continuously. It is possible to receive full payment documents at any time via email or special application. Another important point, which is a plus of the system is the round the clock 24/7 support. This makes it possible to resolve the issue as soon as it appears. Support is provided via email and friendly online chat.


The system is cooperating with the huge variety of websites, especially on the local market. There are strict rules that allow you to ensure security: before connecting to Internet acquiring, you need to make sure that the site meets the requirements, and has all the necessary information. Each site is checked by the Security Service of the bank and as soon as it is done, you can immediately start setting up payments.

Transfer from card to the card of any bank in the world is working instantly. The transfer fee is paid by the sender and the full list of fees can be found on the official website. The fees are divided into three groups - for cards of Ukrainian banks, foreign banks, and Privatbank. There are several limits per month and per year, which are clearly described on the website also. The usual fee is 2.75%. The system works with the currencies of many countries of the world (more than 200), and the payment is instantly converted.


The LiqPay system is a convenient and reliable web-interface, thanks to which holders of all Visa MasterCard cards can send money transfers and pay online. Payment instruments offer secure payments, regular payments, and business payments. The system is interesting for online gamblers, especially on the local market. However, it is offered only in some amount of online casinos, so its use is limited to the area of cooperation.

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