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Spy-Casino payment systems
Paying with Instadebit in online casinos.

This is one of the simplest and user-friendly services for electronic payments and storage of funds in the online purse. Four types of currencies are available - US dollars and Canadian dollars, British pounds and Euro. There is a special account that each user should register in the system, which connects to the bank account of the user. The good quality of the service – friendly support that is provided through a 24-hour active chat, a free international number, and via mail.

This payment method allows users to make a bank transfer without having an account in any particular bank. Users simply open an account in Instadebit and connect it with the credit card or bank account. The user should provide information about the bank account to confirm a request. When everything is done, users can pay directly from the bank account if the casino supports Instadebit. Actually, this system is like a direct connection between the bank and online casinos and stores.

How to open an account in the system?

The register in the system, users have to provide some of their personal data. The user should also provide the information about the bank, which will be checked by the system. The system will provide small payments with the bank account to make sure that the information is correct. The process of registration is really simple. All that user needs to do to start is to pay a button to start the first transaction. The system is paying a lot of attention to the security of the payments, thereby, if the user will provide some incorrect data, the request for using the system will be blocked.

It is not an electronic wallet

Above all else, Instadebit is still not an electronic wallet. This means that users cannot keep money on their accounts in the system. This is just a convenient and easy way to make direct payments from your bank account to the online casinos and online stores. However, if the online casino makes a refund or withdraws money, they will go to the account. In this case, the user can use two options – transfer this money to the casino account again or withdraw money from the bank account.

Around clock access

Account holders can access their account at any time online. Each user has its own login. When they enter the system, they can see the whole transaction history. Inside the system, the user can select the option. For example, he can withdraw money from free spins and deposit bonuses, or pay for new deposits. The status and activities of the accounts are completely transparent to all users as it is working in the cryptocurrencies.

Withdrawing services into the system

Users can withdraw money using the system if the online casino works with this system. To withdraw winnings in the casino you need to log in to the account on the casinos’ website. Here you should select Instadebit as the way to withdraw of funds and enter the amount. After the request is processed, your money will be transferred to the system and you will receive an email with a confirmation.

Instadebit Casino list

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Rating 7.2/10