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Spy-Casino payment systems

Ideal payment system as a payment method for online casinos

There are some nuances that must be considered when choosing a service. The service is popular among European customers of online services, including online casinos as well. To use the system when gambling online, the user needs to have an account in certain partner banks. The list of financial institutions that support the payment system includes many reputable banks like SNS Bank, Fortis and ABN AMRO.

Among the positive moments of using the system, there can be mentioned a simple algorithm, thanks to which the user can control his finances. With the help of the system, the monitoring of the results of the operations performed in real time becomes very simple. The application does not need to be downloaded and installed, which saves a lot of time for users. You can use the system without opening an account in the system. Despite the easy mechanism, the client receives high-quality service and high speed of the transactions. The system is often used as a deposit method in online casinos and poker rooms.

Advantages of the system

The system was born in the Netherlands. Like many other local payment systems, it focuses its work on some region, in this case – Europe. Some local online casinos cooperate with the system, offering free spins and deposit bonuses. The indisputable advantages of Ideal service are security, speed and easy transfer of funds. Such opportunities will be appreciated by clients of online services, who often need to quickly deposit their balance. When choosing the system, it makes an effective connection with the bank account. The system offers such services:

  • Banking services in real time;
  • Use of the client's online bank account for online services;
  • The ability to manage the account using a mobile phone;
  • Transfer of payment from the bank account;
  • Various methods of depositing cash.

The service is a child of the famous Moneybookers company.

Effective support and safety

The high speed of transactions and high security are the advantages of using the Ideal payment system. The service is characterized by the high-quality technical support. The client can always rely on timely assistance provided. Experienced consultants are ready to answer questions from users around the clock, using the live chat. The system has a large number of fans among Europeans. The purpose of creating a payment system is to allow the user to make instant transactions between bank accounts that will be conducted in real time. It is important to know that the payment service has an excellent reputation, confirmed by time. This is evidenced by the fact that the banks that support this system are the most popular financial institutions in Europe. This guarantees the user a reliable protection against fraud.

The recommended system of payments can also be used when making online shopping. Among the positive characteristics of the service, there is the absence of any additional payments. This attracts many users, promising an affordable, easy-to-use and high-quality service.

Concluding the advantages

The payment system has many advantages, including the reliability and security provided by the service, the high speed of depositing of funds, and the ease of making transactions. The system provides the high confidentiality, so the percentage of fraudulent activities is minimized. However, if you want to withdraw money from online casinos, you need to look for some other service.

Ideal Casino list

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