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Spy-Casino payment systems
HalCash service for online casinos

When using payment systems for online casinos, there are two directions of work – depositing and withdrawing. Luckily, HalCash works effectively in both directions. The system offers an unusual scheme of work - you can withdraw money through an ATM without having a card. You just send money to another person and using pin code and other details of payment he receives money from the ATM. No card or bank account is required for this.

The system is a Spanish company. Like many other local payment-systems, it is cooperating with the local online casino, which offers free spins and deposit bonuses for using the system. The system works in Spain, but also have recently entered the Polish market, and plans to expand in other countries. Already at this stage of development, the network has 12000 ATMs. In the nearest future, it will be in 14 countries, including the markets of the USA and Mexico. This scheme is not suitable for online purchases on the network, but it will help those who need to urgently transfer money to another person. You transfer money from your account through the system, and the recipient simply enters the code, phone number and get money from ATM.

The limited area

The bank card is not needed, so this is the main advantage and feature that improves confidentiality. Unfortunately, use of the system is not particularly convenient for shopping. The seller will need to find an ATM and withdraw money, this is much less convenient compared to online purses use and Visa with MasterCard. Although there are almost 12,000 of ATMs, they are located mainly in large cities and only in 2 countries. This limits the area of the system’s use. On the official website, by the way, there is a special locator that allows you to quickly find a suitable ATM in your city.

Advantages and disadvantages

The payment system is very specific. There are such advantages here:

  • The system allows you to withdraw money from your casino account
  • The ability to transfer money, even if the receiver does not have access to a bank account or card
  • For emergency situations, HalCash is a great option
  • Commissions are small
  • The person who receives money does not pay anything, all the commission is paid by the sender
  • There are no restrictions on age, citizenship and other criteria. Money can be sent literally to anyone

In terms of convenience, this method is comparable with other methods of payment. The recipient will need an ATM. The disadvantages are pretty huge:

  • for online purchases the system is not particularly suitable
  • there is no possibility to transfer money outside of Spain and Poland this moment. In the near future this will change, but so far the area of the work is far not perfect
  • The system is supported mainly only by the local casinos. To accept such payment, a representative of the casino will need to find an ATM and withdraw cash there. They do not experience a lack of clients, so only a few are ready to go for such inconveniences.
  • The transaction needs too many steps.

To send money the sender must have an account with the bank partner of the payment system. When transferring funds, you need to specify the amount of payment, the PIN code and the phone number of the recipient. The recipient will be informed about the transfer via SMS.


HalCash system is built on an interesting and promising idea, but for online casinos, it is not yet suitable. You can meet such a method of payment only in Poland or in Spain, while the payment system works only in these two countries. Perhaps with the development of HalCash payments through it will be accepted by other casinos, but so far it is better for players to choose another way of depositing the account.

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