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Spy-Casino payment systems
Flexepin as the tool for payments in online casinos

Electronic currency Flexepin was created in Australia. It is popular, first of all, in the countries of the British Commonwealth and Europe. Using this system, the user is able to pay electronic payments and use the online services on the Internet. This system is used for a quick transfer of funds, depositing online casinos, buying bitcoins and traditional currency.

The anonymity of the service

The advantage of this currency is anonymity. When performing operations, it is not necessary to disclose the personal information of the user. There is an option to use different currencies. So far, only four traditional currencies are supported: Australian and Canadian dollars, British pound sterling and Euro. The currency allows you to make secure payments without disclosing information about the parties - just like cash. Such anonymity surely becomes an attractive feature for online gamblers.

Cooperation with bitcoins

The system supports the exchange of certain crypto-currencies, for example, bitcoin. There are no additional fees, except commissions. The commission fee can be different and showed on the official website. The rules for transferring funds using the system are simple: the user purchases a voucher for the system with a unique code and gets the access to the transaction. When you need to pay for a purchase, make a currency exchange or money transfer, you can simply specify the voucher in the form of payment and enter the code.

Most operations in the system are made using the Canadian dollar and bitcoin. And although Flexepin is popular mainly in the Western countries, it can be used everywhere. The currency is supported by an increasing number of outlets, and it can be paid off as easily as cash. If your business is focused on Canada or Australia, the exchange of electronic money through the system will be the best choice.

Depositing online casinos

Depositing is the first thing for which users need an online payment system. The second thing that they need is the online tool to withdraw money. When depositing money, the user of online casino can simply specify the voucher of the system in the options for depositing. There are different options for selecting the nominal of the voucher. It is very useful for online gamblers because it allows making payments without showing personal information. Confidentiality and anonymity is the advantage of this system.

The voucher system doesn’t allow to withdraw money, deposit bonuses and money from free spins. Thereby, to withdraw money, online gamblers need to find some other system. Anyway, the Flexepin service offers fast payments, high security, confidentiality, and privacy, which makes it a very effective choice. This is especially true for people who make payments in Australian and Canadian dollars, British pound sterling and Euro.

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