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Spy-Casino payment systems
Cubits service for payments in online casinos

Using bitcoin has many obvious advantages. It is safe, confidential, independent and stable. There can be many other attractive characteristics. Surely, they work only for people who are aware of how to use them. Anyway, there are many people nowadays, who are using bitcoins for their transactions. One of the biggest advantages of this service is that it allows sending money around the world with the only minimal commission. This looks very attractive for gamblers in the online casinos.

When talking about the bitcoin in the online casinos, there can be two types of such companies. The first type is the casino that takes bitcoins along with other payment methods. The other type is the company that works only with bitcoins. The first type is rare, while the second is not so reliable as the other casinos. Luckily, there is the third type – Cubits service that helps users of the system pay with their bitcoins for online gambling. The service allows both withdrawing and depositing, which is really useful for customers.

The bitcoin

All communication and activity in the system work in one huge P2P network, to which both users and miners are connected. The system is decentralized, which means that there is no controlling state over the system. All users are controllers for themselves. This gives many advantages to using the bitcoin. There are two types of users in the system – users themselves and miners (the ones that make everything work). There are hundreds of hundreds of thousands of transactions in the system - they are included in blockchains. The miner's task is by means of demanding calculations to find a number that is smaller than the current Bitcoin complexity.

Users are people who send money to each other. The end user has a wallet on his computer (or smartphone, or in the online account) where he can create an unlimited number of incoming and outgoing payment addresses. The basic version of the bitmap wallet also maintains the database - the history of all transactions across the network. The so-called Lightweight purses keep only part of the database. Virtually the safest solution is hardware wallets. Currently, the number of Bitcoin users exceeds 10,000 people and companies, including online casinos around the world. BTC is used to service multi-thousand dollar transactions each day without intermediaries like a credit card provider.


No bank or any other organization is involved in Bitcoin transfers. Therefore, the vast majority of available payment methods using this cryptocurrency - including deposits and withdrawals from online casinos - is not charged with any additional fees. The system Cubits itself offers fair prices for its services. The system cooperates with casinos, and some of them offer free spins and deposit bonuses for using it.

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