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Bradesco payments for online casinos

The Bradesco payment method of depositing in online casinos is a local system. It can be used in several online casinos in Brazil, where it is a widely accepted form of payment. Banco Bradesco is one of the largest financial institutions in the country, headquartered near São Paulo, and has more than 5000 branches in Brazil. Like the other local payment methods, such a system is useful for local players and offers free spins and deposit bonuses in some casinos.

About the service

This real-time bank transfer system is given to users in a form of a Visa Electron card. This card is promoted around the world as the most practical way to safely move money from a bank account to different receivers. These may include many of the gambling sites that accept Visa Electron payment. Moreover, this means that the payment service is also accepted in millions of physical and online stores. The service delivery can be provided in millions of ATMs around the world. It works like a debit and credit card. The credit function starts only if customers wish so. The great advantage of the system is that transactions within it are provided almost instantly.


This is a reputable local (and not only) financial player. This Brazilian bank is one of the biggest and reputable companies. In August 2015, the agreement between the company and HSBC Holding was made in $17.6 billion, considered the largest business transaction conducted in Brazil in 2015. In order for the transaction to be approved by the Administrative Council for Economic Defense (Cade), the company had to undertake not to acquire any other financial institution for a period of 30 months after the signing of the agreement. With the execution of the transaction, all the accounts of the clients of HSBC Brasil went to the company, which now has 851 new branches, 5 million new customers and $160 billion in assets size of its main competitor, Itaú Unibanco. Nowadays, the company is famous not only in the local market but in many countries abroad.

Using in online casinos

The system is widely accepted since the Visa Electron is accepted in almost all casinos. If an online casino accepts Visa Electron, then the user of the Brazilian service can deposit money to the account in the casino. This system is very secure, thereby the payments are protected well. Moreover, in many casinos, it is also possible to withdraw funds back into the card account. This is a great feature that many online gamblers are looking for when selecting the payment system.


The service is a highly reputable system that offers qualitative services to its customers. Despite the fact that it was launched as a local system first, nowadays, it is working in many geographical areas. For online gamblers, this system has many advantages. First, the form of the Visa Electron card gives a great usage to the system, since many online casinos accept it. Secondly, all transactions go almost instantly. Finally, the system allows customers to not only deposit their casino accounts but withdraw money too. The company has a great history, which starts more than seventy years ago. All customers feel safe because the company shows its great reputation and reliability.

Bradesco Casino list

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