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Daily News: Legendary Jumanji is a new slot from NetEnt

Jumanji is a new product from NetEnt based on the eponymous movie of 1995!
The slot turned out to be quite interesting, it has excellent graphics and a number of functions!
In all game modes, the slot has non-standard diamond shaped reels for 19 cells and 36 paylines.

Regular game mode.

In the regular game mode, in addition to the “Wilds", there are 4 additional functions that are activated randomly:
- the Sticky Vines function - gives respins during which the winning combination can increase with each respin. After effective spinning, when the winning combination is increased it remains on the reels, the respin starts again, and so on.

The “Wild” symbols always remain on the reels even if they don't initially make any winning combination!
- “Monsoon Wilds” function - completely covers one or two reels with the “Wilds”. The fifth reel cannot be a single one filled with wilds.
- “Monkey Mayhem” function - after the spin thanks to which this function was activated, the symbols on the reels are randomly shuffled guaranteeing a winning combination.
- Wild Stampede” function: 4 to 9 “Wild” symbols appear randomly on the reels.

Bonus game "Board Game".

When three or more “Scatter” symbols fall on the reels, the “Board Game” bonus game is launched.
Here, just like in the movie, the player is given a chance to roll the dice and get different functions having previously chosen a statuette for oneself!
As NetEnt stated in the rules, the chosen statuette didn't affect the outcome of the game and was simply a visual function.
However, the probability of rolling the dice is real as if the player plays offline.

3 Scatter symbols give 6 rolls of bones, 4 Scatter symbols give 7 rolls of bones, and 5 Scatter symbols give 8 rolls of bones.

Functions provided on the board:
- bet multiplier
- extra rolls
- 4 types of free spins
- Mystery Feature (question mark) - this function is a random choice and includes the following functions: multiplications x2-x10 of the bet, 2 additional rolls of bones or free spins.

Free spins.

There are 4 types of free spins:
- Vines free spins (Vine - holds symbols) - the player is given 10 free spins with the “Sticky Vines” function as in the regular game mode
- Monsoon free spins (Monsoons - crocodile puts wild-reels) - the player is given 7 free spins with the function “Monsoon Wilds” as in the regular game mode
- Monkey free spins (Monkeys - rearrange symbols) - the player is given 6 free spins with the “Monkey Mayhem” function as in the regular game mode
- Stampede free spins (Stampedes - give the “Wild” symbols) - the player is given 5 free spins with the “Wild Stampede” function as in the regular game mode.

If one type of free spins has already been played, then it cannot fall out again and won't be available when the “Mystery Feature” function fall out.

For one “Board Game” session, there is a chance to play all kinds of free spins!