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Spy-Casino casino licenses

Belgium licensing

Belgium licensing for online casinos

From the player’s point of view, the whole world is a playground. The only exceptions are 8 countries where online gambling is prohibited. The following markets are closed for gambling business nowadays: Brunei, Cambodia, Cyprus, United Arab Emirates, Poland, North Korea, and Singapore. Anyway, in other world people has the right to use good online casinos. At all times, casinos were a source of considerable income, both for owners and for the state through duties, licenses, taxes.

The market of paying casinos online is very young and fast-growing. Everything new, even if it has been around for decades, is accepted by the authorities with many difficulties. Anyway, this is how the process goes in every field. Thereby, the basis for selection of the location is the conditions that state provides. This is about how difficult is to get the license for creating the online casino.

The system of online casinos in Belgium has a solid basis and began a long time ago. Early documents prove that card games have been played here since the 1300th year. The gambling laws in Belgium are very demanding nowadays, but the industry shows good growth and effectiveness. In 2009, the Gambling Law provided control over all types of gambling activities in order to protect people from dependence and excessive spending. This characterizes the state as the demanding but effective area for large gambling services.

Why the license is needed?

There are several reasons for obtaining a license. Anyway, the main reason is that is allowed to work in the legal field and get the protection from the state. Here are the advantages in details:

  • Without a license, it will not be possible to open a bank account for a company
  • Electronic payment systems will refuse to work
  • Without a license, you will not be able to get game content for your website from licensed providers
  • The license allows you to adequately advertise, and users trust the company more
  • The reputation of the website becomes more valuable.
How to get an online casino license?

It all depends on the specific country, however, there are some basic steps that can help:

  • Examine the existing licenses, decide which ones are suitable for you
  • Make sure your casino software meets the requirements of the jurisdiction
  • Be prepared to create a company at the place of obtaining a license: most often you have to create a company right where you plan to get permission
  • Prepare documents in advance to save yourself time (consultants will inform you about the list of required documents), including both personal and company documents and papers on your software.
Licensee requirements

In this country, you will need to get a license for a land-based casino, even if you are going to organize only licensed casino online. Surely, this is far not useful, but this is what the system requires. The Belgian gambling license is provided only to local residents. In addition, there is a limit on the license, so to enter this market is almost impossible. Those who run their gambling business legally, pay an 11% income tax, which is twice less than in the Netherlands, for example.


The system provides strict rules and controlling tools. It is very demanding to its customers and provides the requirements to newcomers that limit the number of possible players to a very small amount. Belgium area is far more difficult than Malta, for example. For small players, this is something that will give more troubles than profit. Anyway, those companies who will be able to get the license for good online casino here will get all the advantages of the system, including the high protection and low taxes. However, it is always important to remember the strict laws of the country.