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Spy-Casino casino licenses

Alderney licensing

Alderney system of licensing for online casinos

This region is often included in the lists of the best places for establishing gambling institutions. It is a member of the European Forum for Game Regulation and the International Association of Game Controllers. Interestingly, the commission, together with law enforcement officers, develops rules for the conduct of games and develops preventive measures against financial crimes. Therefore, this license is a real mark of quality for any gambling project. People who are going to register the company here can get two type of licenses:

  • 1 category (B2C business client). Licensed casino with this license can provide services to customers, including gaming, advertising, and financial. There is a requirement - all clients must be registered and verified by security rules. You can entrust checking customers to companies that have received a license of the 2nd category
  • 2 category (B2B business-business). Allows the operator to administer gaming platforms, provide services and products to the business (for example, gaming software). Distributed to companies in Alderney and beyond.

The first type allows and requires registering and checking players during cooperation. It is based on building a contractual relationship with them and managing invested funds. The second type allows workers to manage gaming platforms even outside the area server centers. To work here, operators must install the servers of their sites on the specific Certified Hosting. The full license is issued only to companies that are registered in Alderney. On average, it takes 60 days to process an application and to get a license for a good online casino.

Why operators need a gambling license?

There are several reasons to get a license for gambling on the Internet, and among them, there are not only obvious guarantees of the legality of business. Here are the additional reasons why every good online casino should do proper licensing for sure:

  • Geography. No jurisdiction can give you the right to work all over the world right away. Fortunately, in the Internet era, this means only the need to keep servers within the jurisdiction. Players can be anywhere
  • The trust. For players, a license is a sign that the casino cares about its reputation and has no ulterior motives. The majority of customers will be attracted only after making sure that the gambling website has the official permission to work
  • Business prospects. A license is also a kind of key that opens access to game slots. When choosing a jurisdiction, you choose and supplier of game programs
  • Access to money. Any bank, before opening a company account, will carefully examine the operator’s documents. If among them there is no license, the account will not be opened. And vice versa: the presence of a work permit is the foundation of easy relations with banks in different countries.
  • Licensing Terms

    A full license may be issued only to companies registered in the jurisdiction of this area. All operators, regardless of the type of license, are required to use certified hosting, contain transit servers at Alderney, and be ready for an annual audit. The future licensee goes through two stages of inspections:

    • Checking the business reputation of the applicant, his financial position, the characteristics of business partners (who entered the project), and the ownership structure of the company. Funding sources are checked too
    • Analyzing the previous commercial activity, the availability of special equipment and software. The operator must pass the internal control of the ICS. Due to such a lengthy verification, the license is considered a sign of quality. For players, this is synonymous with casino transparency.

    The license registering here has strict rules and not the easiest to get. However, it provides a high level of effectiveness, reliability, and protection. The cost of the license depends on the requirements and its type but usually starts from 17.5 thousand pounds. In addition, the annual renewal starts from 10,000 pounds. This can be a significant amount for some small companies, but it is really a small amount comparing to Belgium licensing, for example.