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Slot dispersion in online casino

What about the slot dispersion in online casinos?

One of the most important technical characteristics of the app in the good online casino is its dispersion. This concept is often confused with the return rate, but it is not the same. The return rate demonstrates the share in the interest rates as a percentage in the payout formation, while the dispersion shows the risk of losing. In the world of gambling machines, there are machines with high, medium and low dispersion. Some apps offer high payout multipliers, but lucky combinations rarely fall out in them, while the others, on the contrary, are characterized by frequent payouts, but with lower rates. Most often in the game world, there are programs with an average level of slot dispersion. Newcomers can check this in free casino online mode.

How to identify the slot dispersion?

If developers and operators speak openly about the return rate of the device, then they usually do not provide an indicator of the disperse of such program. In this case, the most informative for the gambler will be the payment table of a specific online emulator. The unspoken rule among the players is to assess the risks by the maximum winning coefficient. However, this approach does not take into account many other important factors.

So, it is important to pay attention to how strongly payout multipliers for combinations of different numbers of symbols differ in a classic machine in a licensed casino. If the difference between payments for a chain of 3 and 4 pictures is big, then this is a machine with a high slot dispersion. If the differences between the coefficients are low, then the app may have a low level of variance. Another important criterion for determining the level of slot dispersion in the presence of special symbols in it. Such symbols increase the likelihood of the formation of paid combinations of pictures.

It is easier, and most interesting, to determine the variance during the demo game. If after several dozens of spins, you have won more than once, and the total deposit in virtual currency has changed little, then you are dealing with a low-dispersed automaton. If a long series of failures came in one, but a big win - most likely, you got a program with high variance. After the free tests, you can already decide which machine is worth trying to play. You can determine the variance and the pay table. Look at the maximum payout ratio to get the answers. The higher it is, the higher the variance of the automaton it is, and the less often it contains combinations giving large winnings. Combining with the deposit bonus and free spin win this number should build the tactic.

Advantages and disadvantages of different slot dispersions

When deciding to play on a high-risk machine (with high variance), you need to be sure to take care of the balance of the game account. To win in this machine, you will need time and money. However, you can make low rates, thereby saving money. Apps with a low variance give out happy combinations more often, so you can play them even with a small deposit. In general, to win Jackpot, it is better to choose machines with high slot dispersion, for getting regular wins - with low. Don’t forget to pay attention to online casino deposit bonuses and free spins slots. Also practice during free online casino gaming to correctly use your online casino bonus.