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Scientific articles about a licensed casino

Manly, all articles about gambling are written with bias. Some of them convince readers in huge danger of any online casino, while others provide information about how a good online casino brings needed emotions. Such bias is not surprising, because the market of gambling is growing, which attracts huge interest from all counterparts. Here we can only provide some of the examples of what scientific articles say about free online casino gaming and playing on real money.

Problems with studying

In all fields qualitative studying requires financing. However, when speaking about gambling, there are clear parties with their interest – the government and gambling society. Anyway, even with a clear bias in studies, people who are really interested, can find useful information and make their conclusions.

The game trains the brain

For experienced gamblers it is clear that a good game needs thinking, strategy developing, controlling the tactic. All this has a good effect on the brain. However, the scientific approach helps to provide clear information on this purpose. Do slots stimulate the brain and develop its specific areas? Can some games develop motor skills, train and improve memory? A group of scientists studied the effects of poker on Alzheimer's patients. They studied 329 people who suffer from Alzheimer's disease. It turned out that the subjects who regularly gamble had more developed areas of the brain that are associated with Alzheimer's disease. They also showed the best results in tests for memory and tests for cognitive abilities. You can think about this when using your no deposit bonus 2019 or free spin bonus. Anyway, when playing on real money, always be responsible for your actions and control online casino deposit bonuses.

Ludomania and cognitive disorders

The "dark side" of gambling is the popular object for studying. The problem of gambling addiction is really very serious. Families of people with ludomania suffer a lot, their social connections suffer too. A recent study suggests that gambling addiction may be caused by an actual brain disorder. It turned out that they often see patterns where there are none. And this inevitably leads to wrong actions in the game. The study shows that people with ludomania often exhibit cognitive disorders. This study showed that players with addictions often make the wrong decisions because they see patterns where there are none. They rely on imaginary probabilities and do wrong decisions. Compared to healthy people, ill people show significantly worse results in solving problems of attentiveness.

Hungry players play better?

This strange study concluded that players who did not eat before the game, make more informed decisions. Researchers asked a group of volunteers not to eat before gambling. As a result, hungry participants solved their tasks quicker and better than well-fed ones.

Can online gambling reduce stress?

Gambling on the Internet has many qualities - they kill time, provide entertainment, make stress and kill stress. According to the researchers, the level of cortisol in the blood of the players decreases on average by 17%, and therefore they are less susceptible to stress. However, this looks fare only for experienced players, since gamblers without tactic often feel stress.


When speaking about the scientific approach to learning the online casinos, always remember about the parties who are interested in such studying. Casinos want to tell everyone that they are needed elements in the society, while the government tries to close them. Anyway, some people still make their conclusions. Without a doubt, the successful and healthy game requires knowledge and control of emotions. What free casino online provides in the offer depends on how you use it. Any deposit bonus or free spins in a free spin casino can give a profit or make stress – it all depends on the tactic.