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Licensed and unlicensed online casinos

The difference between licensed and unlicensed online casinos
In an unlicensed casino, the owners of the website can change the RNG in their favor, and it is almost impossible to win there. The maximum that players can count on is a small number of payments. Even if, by luck, the client of an unlicensed casino manages to make a jackpot, he may not be allowed to withdraw money from the site. In this case, there will be nowhere to complain. The interests of the players are not followed by a strict regulator. The qualities and reputable licensing company checks such information about the licensed online casino:
  • The correctness of the technical documentation;
  • Software certificates and the identity of the slots in the demo mode and the money mode online slots real money;
  • Personal data storage system, the availability of security protocols;
  • Compliance of the casino business plan with high industry standards;
  • Technical documentation;
  • The seriousness of the marketing plan;
  • Reasonable financial plan;
  • Software certificates;
  • Security protocols in a good online casino;
  • Storage;
  • The correct operation of the random number generator;
  • Rules on the free casino online mode.
Signs of unlicensed casinos

Historically, licensed casinos offer their players welcome deposit bonuses in the amount of several hundred dollars. The exact amount depends on the site, but usually, it is at this average rate. But unlicensed sites very often offer players 2000-5000$ online casino bonus just for registering. Surely, this amount cannot be withdrawn, so you can only play on it to get more involved. Another sign of the unlicensed casino is the lack of licensed games. It seems that all virtual machines are the same, but they are surely not. In the legal world, each game should be separately licensed. Developers selling their software, check the operator’s license. If it is not valid, the seller will not be able to deliver a licensed slot to it. Don’t be attracted by the huge numbers of free spins slots, online casino deposit bonuses, and other offers. This is not a sign of the licensed casino. Surely, they offer deposit bonus codes, but not is such huge numbers.

How to determine if an online casino has a license?

The easiest and most effective method of verifying the licensed casino is to check its license number. On all good websites, without exception, this information is described in the section “About Us”, and is also written in small print on each page. In addition to the number, there should be also indicated the type of license, as well as the company for which it is issued. There should also be the date of receipt and the name of the regulator that issued it. Fraudsters are well aware of what information is on the licensed sites, so they prescribe "fake" numbers on their pages. Therefore, to not become their victim, you need to check the license number on the regulator's website, before you will do depositing. No website operating without a license will withstand such a test.


As you can see, the advantages of the licensed online casino worth it. Even if the unlicensed casino offers great numbers and wins, this doesn’t mean anything. Such a company can change their rules on their desire because no one controls them at all. Moreover, such companies are an outlaw, so you should not deal with them. However, it makes sense to use advantages of the free spin casino if it is reliable and learn more with the help of it. Get your deposit cash bonus, free spin bonus, and include this fact to your productive tactic.