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Interesting facts about casinos around the world

Casinos are a perfectly aligned industry for the legal gain of money from the population. Casino owners in the pursuit of profit resort to the classic and most innovative methods of putting customers under the influence of vigilance. They use numerous psychological techniques, social engineering, and other secret techniques. These methods make up some interesting facts about casinos, which it is advisable to know everyone who wants to visit a gambling establishment in the near future, even if you just want to play in legal online casino Australia.

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Lack of windows

Few people have wondered why most casinos have no windows or clocks. This was invented so that nothing would distract from the game. Losing touch with the time, the visitor spends in the institution all day long. And the lack of windows gives players a sense of security.

The Irishman Phil Laak spent 90 consecutive days playing poker, thus setting a world record. It is also noteworthy that during this time, he added seven thousand dollars to his budget. Although the man formally spent more than a hundred hours playing the game, the judges counted from the total amount of time he spent on vacation.

Bright carpets on the floors

The floor of gambling establishments is traditionally covered with bright carpets, the drawings on which are made to order by the best masters of the art of psychological pressure. This coloring of the surface, according to some scientists, supports the excitement in visitors, and fuel the desire as long as possible not to leave the walls of the casino. Same goes for online halls with various types of online pokies.

The Card Deck

Another interesting fact is related to the playing cards deck. Many identify the 52 cards that make it up with the weeks of the year. The suits represent the seasons, and the cycles of the moon are hidden behind 13 representatives of one suit. If you add all the numerical designations of the deck, including the joker, the sum will be equal to the number of days in the year.


Shrouded in mystery the emergence of roulette. Some believe that Blaise Pascal invented this unpredictable game. Others link it with mysticism. After all, it's no secret that the sum of all cells in roulette is equal to the number of the Devil (666). But no matter what, this game of chance remains as one of the most popular casino games around the world.

The Indians are the masters of Las Vegas

It is undeniable that Las Vegas is the place of pilgrimage for gamblers, but the largest gambling house is located in Connecticut. It is called Foxwoods Resort. Its doors have been open to all comers since 1991. It is located on Indian land. Few people know, but the gambling houses all over America are predominantly the property of these tribes. It brings the country eighteen million dollars each year.

In a casino, you can lose every penny

But the most interesting thing is that in Palestine, a man stands in front of the entrance to a gambling club and gives very shabby articles of clothing to the visitors who have lost all of their money.