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Playing Online Slots: How to Win (Examples and Cheats)

In theory, it’s impossible to win in well-designed free spins slots that work with real random number generators. However, there are many well-known cases where players managed to cheat slots and end up with a free spin win or a much larger amount than an online casino allowed.

Many tricks of this kind are considered theft. They include tools for manipulating the hardware of good online casino games, such as a note acceptor. Some schemes require the participation of casino employees who help cheat slot machines. Other players were simply lucky because they succeeded to find a failure in licensed casino software and use it to their benefit.

It’s no secret that people choose the free casino online to win. Some of them are looking for a lucrative online casino bonus, including a deposit cash bonus, a free spin bonus, or a no deposit bonus, while others find possible ways to cheat. Read the story below.

Alex’s Example

Alex is the man who deciphered some PRNG slots and earned millions. He succeeded to predict the results of free spins on some slots and used them to his benefit to earn money at free spin casino sites.

Alex was an average freelance programmer, and then one Russian casino asked him to manage the RNG of a few slots developed by Novomatic. To do this work, Alex studied the structure of those slots in detail. He mastered the PRNG to find out how it works and how slots use it. A turning point was when he noticed that slots use the PRNG algorithm which is insecure, thus it’s possible to predict it.

How the Scheme Worked

The work of the RNG is based electromagnetic interference for generating fully random numbers that can’t be predicted, but the PRNG works differently. It all begins with some predefined number, and then it’s mixed with other data to create an infinite range of numbers. Results seem 100% random so that no one can predict them. However, if it utilizes a weak algorithm, smart players can predict further random numbers.

Alex noticed gaps in the algorithms of some slots, so he made a decision to get rich with their help. He managed to design a more complicated operation by:

  • Reconstructing a few popular slots;
  • Developing the algorithm that can determine existing PRNG parameters for predicting the results of further spins;
  • Creating the app to use the predicted results to tell him when to make a winning spin;
  • Hiring agents to beat casinos.

According to Alex, he and his group managed to earn a lot of money through this scheme.If you don’t like the idea of cheating, web-based casinos offer many generous extras. Think about available online casino deposit bonuses. Players only need to use a deposit bonus code to benefit from free online casino gaming. Join a legit casino to discover your deposit bonus and start playing your favorite games.