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Craps in online casino

Craps game in online casinos

When the US government decided to build an entire city dedicated to gambling (Las Vegas), craps received the recognition of professionals, modern rules and the process of betting. Nowadays, when everything is available on the Internet, many people visit craps online casinos. Craps historically are carried out on a special table with high sides and a special marking of the canvas, which displays the cells for stakes. The most important element of the game is a pair of dice (bones) with engraved dots ranging from 1 to 6 on each of them. The app shows all important elements with its graphic. Like many other slots, this offers online casino bonus and free spins slots.

The history

Two and a half thousand years ago, playing craps became popular, but a more modern version of the game appeared only a few hundred years ago in England. Almost immediately it was brought to North America. The French version received the name Craps. Later, John Wynn changed the markup and introduced several new rules, thanks to which the game conquered not only the street courtyards but also the casino. And now they successfully conquer the Craps online casinos.

Rules and features of the game

Only the most devoted fan of Craps online casinos can recount the variations of a slot. In most versions, strategies are repelled by the features of the betting system: the most effective is the combination of the usual rates and Odds bets. However, there can be no strategy other than risky. A dealer takes part in the game (there are two of them in large land-based casinos) and several players throwing in turn. They always play with two bones, which the player throws at the same time, always holding them in one hand. The arrow is won by the number of dice 7 and 11 (after winning the player gets the right to roll a die again). At the same time, 12, 2 and 3 bring the player an instant defeat. Numbers 4 to 9 transfer the game to the Point stage, where the shooter rolls the dice until the number set by him in advance (then he wins) or 7 (in this case he is going to lose). Don’t forget to take your deposit bonus code and other online casino deposit bonuses, because they can help in your play. Deposit bonus varies on the slot and on the licensed casino.

Craps online casinos bets

You can use some strategies only when playing really (not in the free online casino gaming mode). There are four types of bets: on the pass and non-pass lines, an impassable lane and exit. There are many different systems that offer a unique method to win craps 100%, but such promises are unreal. Before you start learning the different craps betting systems, you must find the time to learn all the moves and exits from the game. All that you can really count is the deposit cash bonus, and free spin bonus. Beginners often fall into this trap, because it is difficult to discern where the truth is and where it is a lie in the case of promises to win a lot. Such games are quite unpredictable, so everything is based on chance.


One of the most popular craps betting systems is the Martingale system. The idea is that you double the size of the bet after each loss to compensate for past losses and stay in the black. This system is widely used by novice players. The problem with this system is that you lose your bankroll quickly enough because the constant doubling causes you to bet more. Thereby, you should learn more to find the system that will fit your needs. Play only in good online casinos to make sure that the slot is working properly and your free spins make sense.