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Insight into personalization

In June 2017, the number of active users in Facebook reached 2 billion. Alessandro Frid (BtoBet) believes that this is an unconditional large-scale signal that personalization is an important thing for online consumers. What benefits does the internet gaming sector accrue from this?

Personalization, a single view concept of the client, computer training and artificial intelligence are cross-cutting large-scale topics of today's comment on the development of online gambling. Nevertheless, the awareness of operators about how we play when we do this and how much we spend, perhaps lags behind the broader developments that build our collective digital experience.

It seems that consumers are getting used to the fact that the data they willingly provide on the platforms are taken into account in advertising and other communicative means. The most vivid example is Facebook: according to the latest figures published in late June, the monthly number of active users of the world's largest social network reached 2 billion. These 2 billion people exchange personal data, likes, information about friends, family and video with their cats with pleasure and completely free of charge, in exchange for a news feed, the information of which is determined by Facebook in accordance with their wishes. Considering the volume of information which is shared with a platform by each user of the given social network, this undoubtedly indicates what personalization means for online consumers.

Acquaintance with consumers

It should also be noted that now consumers consider personalization as a standard. This is particularly applicable to Amazon company which sets the standards when it comes to, perhaps, the most recognizable aspect of personalization, at least as the consumer sees it. Of course, these are recommendations that fill out the Amazon home page of each user. They are adapted and personalized according to the interests of the user which makes Amazon an indispensable site for all its users.

Indeed, the moment when electronic commerce comes into contact with a personal choice is fundamental in the Amazon offer. This is something that gambling operators should strive for. Tools for developing such an effective system of recommendations for the bookmaker industry have already been developed. Like the social networks and more extensive areas of electronic commerce, there are data that can be freely obtained after previous actions of players on any site. We know what they bet on, when they bet, how much they bet, and if there is an omnichannel aspect of interaction, we will also often know where they make bet. Meanwhile, the opportunity to collect and use this stream of various data has increased significantly in recent years, especially when it comes to cloud storage.

Finally, the appearance of full machine learning and other aspects of artificial intelligence technology means that it became possible to use this data to improve the user experience on the website or while using the mobile offer adapting it to the needs and desires of customers. For example, the B Neuron platform developed by BtoBet can foresee in real time what the player is most likely to bet on by analyzing its behavior using rule-based algorithms.

Difficulties on the way

Even though the technology has already been used, the moving to personalization in the online world won't be smooth. Important issues related to the protection of confidentiality and data security must be resolved through regulatory forces. The second and, perhaps most important thing is that consumers should be sure that their data will be used only to improve the quality of the services they receive.

The results should be visible on the screen. Finally, the essence of the new digital world is that the consumer can both disconnect and connect easily. The most important element of personalization is that it offers reliable marketing opportunities to retain customers.

When properly used, the technology that underlies the advisory mechanisms and the new digital marketing will reduce the number of difficulties and enable the operator to sell the right offers properly at the right time using advanced capabilities of segmentation.

The whole process should be invisible for a client. Using offer personalization from their operator, players should feel themselves as comfortable as if they are using their accounts on Amazon and Facebook.